welcome new students

First of all, let me say that it is very exciting to have a new drum student. Learning any instrument is a fun and rewarding experience, and I am very happy to assist all students in any way that I can. I always welcome any questions or comments about my teaching practice or the lessons themselves, so please feel free to contact me at any time.The information I teach is cumulative, and I emphasize progress with the instrument; however, each student may not receive new information every week. This is not meant to discourage the student, but, rather, to give each student time to grow with the information. I would like students to learn at his or her own pace, because this enables us to measure their progress together. In my experience, this works much better than students being forced into information that they are not ready for, and allows the student to get as comfortable as possible with what they are learning.Like any instrument, part of learning the drums is technical information (how to use the sticks or pedals), and part of it is musical (how to read rhythms and play patterns). In addition to the technical and musical information, I will also teach students to have fun with their instrument every time they practice. Each student’s practice routine should be at least twenty minutes per session, and they should have at least four sessions per week to aid their progress on the instrument. Students can always practice more than that each week, but that is the minimum requirement for achieving our goals on the instrument. 

Below is a more detailed idea of the practice routine that I would like students to follow:

Warm Ups and Reading Rhythms on Snare Drum2-5 minutes

Drum Set Exercises: Warm Ups and Beat Patterns10-15 minutes

Time To Have Fun: Be Creative or Play with Music5-10 minutes

I encourage parents to take an active role in their child's lessons and would like all parents to understand the level at which their child is playing, as well as how they can best help them to move forward. I would like all parents to get involved with facilitating practice time and understanding how their child is supposed to be practicing. I recognize that schedules can, sometimes, be difficult to maintain, but designating time to practice can only help the student get motivated to go play the instrument. After all, the instrument should be fun for the student and they should be looking forward to playing every time they can. Please read my Teaching Philosophy for more information on my teaching practice, and please visit my News page to read more on drum and music related topics.

If you would like to have more information regarding my lesson program; then please download this free packet of information below. Thanks!


If you are a new student; please download the FREE first section of The Student's Workbook below!


Trent Renshaw