James Luttrell-Frederick, MD

"After studying with Trent for 7 years, I cannot even imagine what my life would be like without drumming. Trent offered an open-minded and soothing learning environment that challenged me to expand my perception of what it means to play drums, and helped me progress so much more than I ever thought was possible. What I appreciated the most about Trent was his willingness to work with techniques that both he and I chose, his belief in the importance of integrating a variety of styles, and his emphasis on the fact that no one ever stops learning. I now hope to join my college's steel drum band as an auxiliary percussionist to tour in the spring while continuing projects with friends in my spare time, all thanks to Trent Renshaw.”

Rob Dickinson-Sterling, VA

"An extremely accomplished musician, Trent is as strong and versatile a teacher as he is a player. While his method and strategy are very well planned, perhaps Trent's greatest talent may be his ability to tailor the lesson plan to ideally suit each student's unique personality, motivation and (ever progressing) skill level. I should note that my son has also seen a positive carryover into school, as he's maintained an 'A' average in music/band since beginning lessons with Trent three years ago. Always smiling and enthusiastic, Trent is also very accommodating with scheduling issues that arise from time to time. All of these things create an overall teaching experience where the student wants to learn - and actually wants to practice! - and an environment for the parent where coordinating the lessons is flexible and easy.”

Joe Crawley-Sterling, VA

"I studied with Trent for about 4 years through high school. He helped narrow my vision from a teenage punk rocker into a serious dedicated musician. Along with developing a positive outlook and practice routine with my drumming, my friendship with Trent and his sound advise helped me mature and develop as a person as well. For that I am extremely grateful. Currently I am a successful drum teacher, and owe my approach and drive to educate and improve the lives of all my students to my time with Trent.”